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Modern Flames Orion Multi Up Close. Built In Install in modern living room behind white couch

Before You Buy: Modern Flames Orion Multi

This article is for anyone considering the Modern Flames Orion Multi Electric Fireplace. 


We Cover:

1. What's Included With Your Order ( a list of everything that is included standard when you order the Modern Flames Orion Multi Electric Fireplace) 

2. Optional Accessories ( a list of all accessories available to you and if we recommend it)

3. Required To Complete (a list of all components (if there are any) that are required to operate your appliance but are not included standard)

4. FAQs & Common Confusions or Misunderstandings (a list of common questions or confusions from our customers over the years)

Nothing is worse than ordering a product only to find out after it's delivered that you are missing something you need. Or you didn't get everything you expected. 

Our goal at the Torch Guys is to provide you with a seamless online shopping experience. Where there are no surprises on delivery day. You know exactly what you are getting and you get exactly what you need. 

What is included: Modern Flames Orion Multi

1. Crushed Glass Media & (18) Driftwood Logs

Modern Flames also includes a log placement guide in the manual (pictured below). Keep in mind this is just a guide. You can also change the placement of your media at any time. 

Modern Flames Orion Log Set Placement Diagram

2. (3) Control Options

    • Touch Control Panel (Upper Right Corner of Fireplace)
    • Handheld Remote
    • Modern Flames App 

Modern Flames Orion WiFi Enable App

3. Everything Needed for Install

    • Wall Mounted
    • Built-In (fully recessed or partially recessed)
    • Single Sided 
    • 2 Sided (left or right)
    • 3 Sided (Bay)

Orion Multi Install Options

  • Full Customization
    • 3 Flame Styles
    • 6 Flame Colors
    • Adjustable Flame Speed
    • Ambient Crackling Noise
    • Ember Bed Color Wheel
    • Multi-Color Downlighting
  • Heat
    • 10,000 BTUs max (when hardwired to 240V)
    • 5,000 BTUs max (when hardwired to 120V)
    • No Heat Setting

Additional Accessories

  • Wall Mount Media System (only available for the 52", 60" & 76" models)
    • Available in the following finishes: ready to finish, coastal sand, driftwood grey, and weathered walnut

 Orion Multi 52" In Weathered Walnut Mantel

Required to Complete

Nothing. Modern Flames makes it easy with the Orion Multi Electric Fireplace. Everything you need to operate & install the fireplace is included standard. 

FAQ & Common Confusions

1. FAQ: How do I order the 3 sided unit?"

A nice feature of the Orion Multi is that everything you need for any installation type or style is included standard with the fireplace. Exposing a side is as easy as removing a panel. 

2. FAQ: Do the flames really look that realistic?

Yes. Take a look at the video I recorded of the 3 different flame styles available with the Orion Multi. It's truly incredible technology from Modern Flames and provides an unmatched level of realism in an electric fireplace. 

3. FAQ: Can the Orion Multi be Plugged in?

No. The Orion Multi has to be hardwired. Regardless of whether you are wiring to 120V or 240V. 

Nowadays, many electric fireplaces give you the option to simply plug in to 120V outlet or to hardwire to 240V for more BTUs. And while the Orion does offer more BTUs at 240V, there is no option to plug in at 120V. 

You must hardwire and it should be done by a qualified electrician. 

4. Common Confusion: Heat Output

The Orion Multi has one of the most powerful heaters in an electric fireplace at 10,000 BTUs. But to achieve this heat output, the fireplace must be hardwired to a 240V outlet. 

If the Orion Multi is wired to 120 volts the max BTU output will be 5,000 BTUs. 

And that's all for the Orion Multi. Hopefully, this article helped answer or clarify any final questions you have. If not, please reach out to us!

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We'd love to hear about your project and help out in any way we can. 

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