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Modern Flames Orion

Modern Flames Orion

Step into the future of electric flames!

The Orion Series is a game-changing leap in electric flame technology that redefines virtual fireplaces. The flame display brings an unmatched level of realism that transports you into the heart of a genuine fire experience. 

Here are some of the Advanced Features:

  • NEW Heliovision Flame Technology
  • 3 Mesmerizing Flame Styles
  • 6 Vivid Flame Colors
  • Adjustable Flame Speed
  • Driftwood Log Set
  • Multi Color Ember Bed
  • Multi Color Downlighting
  • Ambient Crackling Noise
  • Wifi Enabled App Control

And Orion doesn't just stop at beauty – it's versatile too! Available in 3 unique styles: Orion Traditional, Orion Slim, and Orion Multi. Each series has its advantages. We've included a detailed breakdown so you can decided which Orion is right for you!

Orion Traditional

Modern Flames Orion Traditional Insert Close Up

The Most Realistic Flames in an Electric Fireplace

The flames in each of the Orion Models look great, but its the Orion Traditional, that produces the most realistic flame of them all! 

The shape & depth of the Orion Traditional produces a more condensed, denser flame that mimics the roaring flames in a traditional wood burning fireplace.

Other key differentiators with the Orion Traditional:

  • Available in 5 Sizes: 26″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 54″
  • Traditional (square) firebox shape
  • Its the only Orion model that can be inserted into an existing fireplace (only the 26", 30", 36" sizes can be inserted)
  • It has the tallest viewing area in the Orion series - up to 30" high

Orion Slim

Modern Flames Orion Slim

Slim, Sleek and Modern

The Orion Slim is slim enough to fit into just a 6" wall and has all the advanced features & flames of an Orion. 

The single-sided, sleek design makes the Orion Slim a great option for virtually any room in your house. Installation is simple with the option to mount from the wall or build it into the wall.

In our opinion the Orion slim looks best when its framed flush to the wall to take advantage of its clean face design. 

The Orion Slim is available in 4 sizes: 52", 60", 76" and 100"

Orion Multi

Modern Flames Orion Multi

The Most Versatile Fireplace in the Orion Series

It doesn't get much better than the Orion Multi Sided Linear Electric Fireplace. And at the highest price point in the Orion Series, it definitely delivers! 

Some of the key differentiators with the Orion Multi:

  • Four Install Options to Choose From - 3 Sided (Bay Installation), 2 Sided (Left Corner), 2 Sided (Right Corner), and Single Sided
  • Like the slim - Orion Multi can also be built-in and installed flush with the wall for a modern, clean look. 
  • At 10,000 BTUs the Orion Multi has the most powerful heater in the Orion series. (Approx. enough heat to cover an 800 square foot area)

Orion Multi is available in 5 sizes: 52", 60", 76" 100" and 120"